Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Healthy Living On the Road

If you know me well at all, you know my full time gig is in consulting. Which means a lot of things and may one day lead to my bestseller I plan on penning titled, "Your Consultant Does Not Want To Go To Dinner With You." This has less to do with being hit on by clients - which truthfully never seems to happen to me unless they're cute, old grandpa-types innocently flirting or gay men who think I'm fabulous - and more to do with clients that seem to find it totally appropriate to plan every last detail of your time on-site with them, down to your meals. Anyway, I digress.

Traveling a lot leads to the inevitable hot mess of trying to make healthy choices on the road. It's a real trial. In fact, I was once interviewed on this topic, see here . That said, as I type I'm in an airport waiting to head to Connecticut for work for the next 2.5 days. So, my thought is if I "put it in writing" perhaps I'll do a better job of holding up to my end of the bargain to travel healthy... that said, here's the game plan:
  • Pre-packed healthy snacks - DONE! See above pic.
  • Sneakers and gym clothes packed - DONE!
  • Use said sneakers and gym clothes Th & Fri to get in some much needed cardio I've been avoiding this week - TBA
  • No "end of the day reward glass of wine or indulgent meal because I'm on the road and want to comfort myself" - TBA... and a lone tear may have just trickled down my cheek with this one
  • Commit to a liter of water on hand at all times in airport/while traveling - got one with me right now that I'm sipping on... keep the forward momentum and potty breaks coming Fasulko!
  • Smart choices in airport for meals if it's "meal time" and my pre-packed snacks aren't making the cut - had a soy and fruit smoothie with whey at Hopkins this afternoon so far, so good
Stay tuned... the real test will be if I can stay vigilante when that alarm clock goes off tomorrow a.m. for a pre-work day work out when I know I've got a 14 hour day on the books! Wish me luck!!


  1. Whoa Shelly! I feel a bit like you've somehow tapped into my stream of consciousness before you wrote this. These are MY "airport thoughts!" The picture on facebook caught my eye, well, because it's SNACKS for one...and I always know I'll get a chuckle and/or find a connection and/or at the very least be entertained by your beautiful life you've so bravely chosen to share with your facebook community! Everyone wants to know what life would be like as an adorable, energetic and very thoughtful Shelly Fasulko...who we'd assume by your photos that you don't have a care or a problem in the world! So it's fun to read you laughing at yourself and see that even someone like you has daily struggles! Great for you for trying your BEST at all times to live a meaningful life and continuously improve and challenge yourself! Bravo that's not easy!! So now I'll leave you with a challenge idea that I did last January...and LOVED! (I actually plan to post my own blog w 30 days of video log to show the results)...Anyway it's the 30 day SHRED by Jillian Michaels. I think you might enjoy it! :) ...also, not sure if you're familiar with but if not I'm sure you'll love it. Hope you don't mind my long winded comment! CHEERS!!!

  2. oops I meant to type