Thursday, July 14, 2011

1 Month Pull-up Challenge: Workout #2

Workout number two was quick, simple and brutal. Wednesday could have and probably should have been my rest day, but hey, there's only 30 days to get my weak ass over that bar. So in the gym we went and to the squat rack we mosey'ed. 

Seeing that I told Jake it was his job to develop the exercises for this challenge, I did something I rarely do: listened to him as if he was indeed my master. After all, he adds extra weight to his pull-ups. I know when to shut my yap and let someone who knows what they're doing teach me something new. 

Here's what I huffed and puffed and struggled through: 
  • 5 sets / 5 reps dead start pull-ups 
    • We used the squat rack and set up an aerobics step (with a mat on the step) so that I could kneel on under the bar. My arms were basically at 90 degree angles as I held the bar and knelt. So basically it's like I'm halfway in to the pull-up motion and I'm simulating pulling up the rest of the way. The idea here is that I struggle when I get to this point in the pull-up so we're trying to strengthen me where I appear to be my weakest in the exercise. That said, I still needed Jake to assist my ankles and get me chin over that bar. Dammit.
  • 5 sets / 10 second hangs 
    • Again we used the squat rack - this time set higher so that I could stand and extend my arms and grab the bar. I hung from the bar, Jake assisted me up to eye level with the bar and I held myself there for 10 seconds. It wasn't nearly as clean or easy as I just made that sound.
Two workouts in and I'd be lying if I said I felt any stronger. I can tell you this though, my shoulders, biceps and back sure as hell were sore this morning. And, my hands look like I'm a manual laborer now. Onward and hopefully, one of these days, upward! 

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