Monday, June 20, 2011

DCFC Has A Death Grip On My Heart

Before Ben Gibbard got snatched up by that Zooey Deschanel - who I'm convinced is posing as sweet as apple pie, but truthfully is a mega bitch - he was endeared to a million others of us who thought no one could ever understand what went through our brains when we returned to our hometown for a visit; what we pondered sitting in the passenger seat on a dark drive; what we felt in our chests when sharing a smoke on a front porch with an old flame, except for Ben. Then Zooey came along and I'll be honest, I was worried Ben would lose his bittersweet and knife sharp lyrics and his general optimistic cynicism on life and love.

I'm woman enough to admit when I'm wrong, Zooey didn't ruin Ben. He's still got it and "You Are A Tourist" and "Underneath The Sycamore" off Death Cab's latest offering, Codes and Keys, is proof positive of that. I have had these bad boys on repeat for days now. Sink your teeth in. Let Ben remind you over and over and over again that we're all screwed up and isn't that oh so lovely.

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